About us

VT Metal Kft. is playing an active role on several areas of the supplying industry:

  • By CNC controlled machines we produce machined parts, first of all, for TIR1 and TIR2 customers, but besides these, we take part in supplies to the Machine and Electronics Industry.
  • In the galvanisation workshop of our company, besides electroplated coatings according to the requirements of the Automotive Industry, we are serving also other areas of the industry with our galvanised parts.
  • During our Hazardous Wastes Management activity, in the sewage treatment plant of our galvanisation workshop and on a well built up yard for hazardous wastes, we carry out the collection and disposal with the appropriate leave of the authority.

  Our Company employs 320 employees, its annual turnover is nearly 15 million Euro. In our return of sales, besides exports,
production to the home market represents a significant proportion. Among our customers, in the same way,  Hungarian small and medium-size enterprises, Hungarian subsidiaries of multinational companies and West European firms.
In our workshops, under the control of experienced engineers and technicians, the parts and the coatings are produced according to the customers’ requirements.

VT Metal Kft. has been operating as a private enterprise, it belongs to the VIDEOTON Holding Zrt. which has received AAA certification from Bisnode. Videoton is Hungary’s largest industrial company group owned by national entrepreneurs. The background of solid capital provides favourable conditions for the developments of our customers’ demands, even for the transfer of a complete production workshop.

Due to the vertical integration, we can extend a complex metal-working services to our customers.

During our activity, besides getting our customers’ satisfaction, we strive to minimise the harmful effects to the environment. 
In our work, we apply the regulations of ISO TS 16949 and ISO 14001 standards, our company has obtained the certifications according to the above standards.