Enviroment policy

The reduction of wastes caused during the surface treatment, stamping, assembly, sewage-water cleaning and hazardous wastes handling activity.

In order to achieve our targets:

  • We herewith undertake to prevent harms to the environmental pollution caused by our production processes.
  • Hereby, we declare that we will respect the environmental protection regulations, enactment, provision of law, standards and the requirements of authorities responsible, we will keep the corresponding  limit values.
  • We will regularly check the values of our wastes-air space, sewage-water, galvanisation sludge- by measurements
  • In order to be able to observe the environmental protection regulations, we keep maintaining and developing our processes concerning both production and the emission into the environment.
  • We achieve our targets with a well trained staff, as well as, we are continuously forming and developing our employees’ awareness of environmental protection by information and training.
  • We want to meet the requirements by  spending optimal costs.


Our motto:

After Vörösmarty freely:

.... lest man cause pain to the Earth ....