Complex Production Transfers

VT Metal Kft. is capable to serve you with your emerging demands as a reliable partner not only with the production of individual parts but it has been also ready to transfer even a complete production workshop and a product family.

Within the framework of such production transfers, for example, the production of paint-spraying equipment was going on at VT Metal Kft.

Transfer a complete stamping workshop,  the production of more than 10 million parts/ year has been brought here together with the equipment and several hundreds of production tools, or, another example is the production of more than 100 kinds of fixing elements on six-spindle lathe machines, a complete tumbling workshop and measuring system.

Of course, above the complex production transfer, we can carry out the logistic activity, too.

Please, leave labour demanding tasks to us! You should not bother with the difficulties of the production any more, it will be enough to only send the orders to us, we guarantee that parts will be produced according to the specifications in the most effective way.
Our engineers will even develop further the received technology and we will operate it more effectively.


  • All kind of machining operations: machining of castings, turning, milling
  • From medium to high volume
  • Various materials: aluminium, steel, copper
  • Diameters: any
  • Markets: Automotive, Consumer, Industrial, IT, Communication, others

Turn-Key Solution

  • Experienced project management team
  • Production facility and infrastructure
  • Skilled direct and indirect personal dedicated for the project
  • Project oriented organisation within existing structure
  • Open book calculation, flexibility in costing models
  • Material procurement and finished goods transportation
  • Short star-up & ramp-up times
  • Financial strength for investments if required
  • Capability for constant growth

Benefits for customers

  • Cost savings both in direct and indirect costs
  • Flexibility on business and costing models
  • Free capacity for new products
  • Concentration on core activities
  • Higher flexibility
  • Lower level capitalisation
  • Proximity to customers in Central and Eastern Europe