Mechanical Assembly

Our company has wide experiences in the mechanical assembly of medium-volume series.


  1. Assembly of oil pumps for internal combustion engines, in which we have an experience of more than 10 years.
  2. Production of paint spraying equipment operating without air (types for industrial and non-industrial use)
  3. Assembly of air-filters.

During the production of stamped parts it is very often required to carry out some more simple mechanical assembly tasks where various pressing operations should be applied. 
On our eccentric, hydraulic and pneumatic presses by riveting, bending and pressing-in and making packets we prepare different assembly units. 
We have experienced in the Automotive Industry that customers need complex supplying services, a portion of which beyond only producing parts, is mechanical assembly.
Our engineering team is ready to prepare the appropriate, high level solutions and fully satisfy the requirements of the customers.

We can undertake:

  • Preparation and introduction of new assembly technologies.
  • Design, production and co-ordination of the equipment for the proposed technology.
  • Transfer of the already existing assembly activities.
  • Sample design and production.
  • Experimental production planning and co-ordination.

Remark: In VIDEOTON Company Group there are high opportunities for almost any kind of assembly operations (SMD- insertion, electronic assembly and assembly of house-holding appliances, etc.) Please, visit