Manually controlled and manual nickel plating parts hanging or in turning drums- callipers and also parts with fine thread- we have an experience of decades, with well trained experts : 


  • Bright
  • 3-20µ
  • Well equipped laboratory for quality tests.
  • ISO certificates
  • Assembly activity 


Part dimension

max. 600 * 400 * 300 mm     

Production capacity     

Parts in turning drum: 10 t/year  (quantity in one drum: 4-6 kg)

Parts hanging: 5,000-10,000m2/ year

Coating thickness        

3-20 µ

Raw material 

Steel, copper and copper alloys

Special primary treatment        

Sand-blasting with 0.2mm CrNi-steel grains, ultrasonic fine-degreasing,  trichloroethylene degreasing.

Primary processes       

nickel plating


1 PC of manually controlled nickel plating line

Special coatings           

If required, copper plating before nickel plating (hanging: at copper alloys) (In bulk: steel)                        

Secondary processes   

Other services 

Special packaging, dimension checking, 100 % checking


Mechanical assembly

Capability testing        

Completely equipped measuring room, X-ray thickness test machine, portable thickness test equipment, Hardness and surface roughness tester, salt-spray testing and climate room, strength tester


ISO 9001:2008,   ISO/TS 16949:2009,  

ISO 14 001:2004,   ISO 50001:2011

Data change    

AutoCAD, e-mail, ability to receive drawings in