Zinc plating

Automated and manual zinc plating, production takes place in turning drums or hanging, with various kinds of chromate conversions, several decades of experience and well trained specialists.


  • Bright, blue, yellow and black chromate conversions
  • With Cr III and Cr VI contain
  • Well equipped laboratory for quality tests
  • ISO certificates
  • Assembly activity 


Part dimension

Parts in turning drum: weight limit 50 kg/drum                     

Parts hanging: 2,800x800x600mm

Production capacity

Parts in turning drum: 3,000-4,000 t/year

Parts hanging: 4,000-5,000m2/ year

Coating thickness        

5-16 µ

Raw material


Special primary treatment

Sand-blasting with 0.2mm CrNi-steel grains, ultrasonic fine-degreasing, trichloroethylene degreasing .

Primary processes       

Zinc plating in acid and alkaline bath/ parts hanging or in turning drum.

passivation: yellow (Cr VI),blue (Cr III), black (Cr III)


5 PCs of automatic, 2 PCs of manually controlled zinc plating lines

Special kinds of coating

Cr VI free black and Bluemax passivation, thick layer passivation. Without passivation.

Secondary processes    

Water basic lacquering, heat treatment (dehydrogenation, hardening)

Other services 

Special packaging, dimension checking, 100 % checking


Mechanical assembly

Capability testing        

Completely equipped measuring room, X-ray thickness test machine, portable thickness test equipment,

Hardness and surface roughness tester, salt-spray testing and climate room, strength tester


ISO 9001:2008,   ISO/TS 16949:2009,  

ISO 14 001:2004,   ISO 50001:2011

Data change

AutoCAD, e-mail, ability to receive drawings in  jpg, tif formats